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Breakfast Menu    
Coffee or orange juice can be added at the cost of 2.50 per person.    
Devour Grab and Go    
Please Select Three Options:
Freshly baked bran, banana or blueberry muffins    
Marble Almond Sweet Loaf    
Fruit danishes    
Blueberry crumb cake    
New York style bagels: everything, whole wheat, raisin, sesame or plain    
Whipped plain or chive cream cheese    
Whipped butter    
Assorted jams    
Under 25 Guests 6.95  
Between 26 - 74 Guests 6.50  
Over 75 Guests 6.00  
House Cured Smoked Salmon Platter:
norwegian salmon, sliced red onion, thinly sliced cucumber,vine ripe tomatoes with lemon and capers.
Classic American Breakfast    
1) Fluffy scrambled eggs with fresh chives (we also offer egg substitute)    
2) Tomato and Cheddar, Wild Mushroom and Butternut, Spinach and Onion Frittata +1.50  
Choice of Two:
Breakfast sausage, crisp bacon or smoked ham
Whipped butter
Griddled home fries with peppers and onions
Marble Almond Sweet Loaf
Buttermilk pancakes or cinnamon french toast with maple syrup +2.00  
Under 25 Guests 11.00  
Between 26 - 74 Guests 10.50  
Over 75 Guests 10.00  
The "Skinny" Breakfast    
Egg white and quinoa scramble with baby spinach and tomato, Yukon Gold potato pancakes, Maple apple chicken sausage, low fat yogurt, seasonal granola    
Under 25 Guests 11.99  
Between 26 - 74 Guests 11.25  
Over 75 Guests 10.50  
Scrambled egg and cheddar cheese with crisp bacon on a toasted english muffin +3.00  
Fried egg, american cheese and ham on a warm croissant +3.25  
Egg whites, tomato, baby spinach and mushrooms on a wheat english muffin +3.00  
Sushi Menu    
Hand rolled sushi made daily. Includes soy sauce, wasabi and pickled ginger    
Nigiri 2 pc per order (with rice) 6  
Sashimi 3 pc per order (no rice) 7  
Unagi-fresh water eel    
Appetizers and Salads    
Edamame 5.00  
Seaweed Salad 5.00  
Miso Soup 3.00  
Shrimp Pot Stickers steamed or fried 6.00  
Ebi Shumai 6 Pieces 7.00  
Spicy tuna maki
tuna, tempura crumbs, spicy mayo, scallions..
Spicy Scallop maki
grilled scallops with spicy mayo.
Crazy maki
shrimp tempura, kappa, avocado, tobiko, spicy mayo
California maki
crabstick, cucumber and avocado
Caterpillar maki
eel, kani, cucumber, avocado and tobiko.
Makimono Specials    
Kiss of fire maki
cucumber, avocado, and spicy crab topped with torched yellowtail, jalapenos, scallions, tobiko, eel sauce and sriracha
The bomb maki
shrimp tempura roll topped with tempura crumbs and spicy scallop, calamari and crabmeat then baked to perfection.
Super crazy maki
tempura shrimp roll topped with spicy scallop
Snow mountain maki
tempura shrimp topped with lobster, mayo and sweet chili sauce
Fancy maki
asparagus , kani, lobster and avocado topped with torched white tuna, spicy mayo, tobiko, eel sauce and seaweed salad.
Lunch Menu    
We use Boar's Head deli meats and cheeses    
Carving Board Buffet    
This includes three sandwich varieties, two sides and your choice of pink lemonade or lemon iced tea    
The “Pepper Mill” Sandwich
Maple honey turkey, peppered crisp bacon, gruyere cheese, vine ripe tomato and sage aioli on seeded wheat bread
The "Butcher Shop" Sandwich
Roast sirloin of beef, marinated tomato, arugula, horseradish cream on fresh baguette
The "Hen house" Sandwich
Oven roasted chicken, avocado cream, baby spinach, tomato, muenster cheese on soft white or wheat roll
The “Salty Pig” Sandwich
Apple wood smoked ham, white cheddar, sliced tomato, green leaf lettuce, dijon aioli on a wrap or torpedo roll
The Muffuletta Sandwich
Salami, capicola, mortadella, provolone, spicy olive salad on soft flat bread
The "Harvest" Wrap
Grilled portobello mushroom, marinated red peppers, roasted broccoli, tomato, baby kale, kalamata tapenade on a sun-dried tomato wrap
New England Lobster roll +4.00    
The "Spice Rack" Sandwich
Curried chicken salad with raisins and green leaf lettuce on a soft roll or a spinach wrap
The “Blue fin” Sandwich
White albacore tuna salad, finely diced celery and red onion and green leaf lettuce on a torpedo roll or wrap
We also offer gluten free breads and wraps    
Under 25 Guests 12.95  
Between 26 - 74 Guests 12.50  
Over 75 Guests 11.95  
Carving Board Sides    
Please select two V - Vegetarian VG - Vegan GF - Gluten Free
Tabbouleh salad V    
Quinoa and brown rice salad with baby kale, fine herbs and apple cider vinaigrette VG GF    
Israeli cous cous with cucumber, lemon, kalamata olive and mint V    
Broccoli salad with dried cranberries and sunflower seeds VG GF    
Asian slaw VG GF    
Seasonal tender greens salad with sherry vinaigrette VG GF    
Individual bags of lay’s    
potato chips    
Devour Party Platters
The American
Turkey, Ham, and Roast beef with American Cheese
2.75 per person(no rolls)  
The Italian
Salami, Mortadella, Ham, Sweet Cappicola, & Provolone Cheese
3.75 per person(no rolls)  
Finger Sandwich Platter
An assortment of tuna salad, chicken salad,egg salad, and seafood salad
2.50 per person  
Custom Made Wrap Platter
Turkey & cheese, Ham & Cheese, Roast Beef & Cheese,Chicken Salad, Tuna Salad, and Seafood Salad.One of each type cut into quarters.
Serves 10-12 - 39.95  
Dessert Platter    
An assortment of cookies and brownies Serves 20-25- 39.99  
Side Salads    
Cole Slaw 3.99lb  
Pasta Salad 5.99lb  
Potato Salad 4.99lb  
Four Bean Salad 4.99lb  
Beet & Onion Salad 5.99lb  
Tossed Garden Salad 3.95 per person  
Classic Caesar Salad 3.95 per person  
Selection of Devour's dressings:
Blue Cheese, Lite Italian, Ranch, Caesar,Balsamic Vinaigrette, 1000 Island and Honey Mustard